NY TIMES – Joey Calderazzo -‘Going Home’

by Nate Chinen

The pianist Joey Calderazzo has proved, in the Branford Marsalis Quartet and elsewhere, that he can build a pressurized head of steam within a tune or inhabit a small radius of stillness. On “Going Home” (Sunnyside), his most rewardingly balanced album, he does both, and plenty more. Leading an intuitive trio with the bassist Orlando le Fleming and the drummer Adam Cruz, Mr. Calderazzo pursues swinging revelation; a piece like “Manifold” seems to rattle along a track laid moments before, while “Mike’s Song” features his fervent outpouring over a gospel-pop chord progression. There are a couple of songbook standards and a glowing ballad called “I Never Knew,” featuring Mr. Marsalis on tenor saxophone. But the most expressive moment is the hymnlike title track, played alone on piano as an elegy.